• FAQs about 922(r) compliance

  • This section mostly covers questions regarding 922(r) compliance (so far as we understand it) and how it relates to customization of the Akdal MKA 1919 semi-automatic shotgun. For further understanding of section 922(r) please consult an expert and/or the ATF.

  • Section 922(r) deals with the modification of imported semi-automatic rifles or shotguns. The Akdal, MKA 1919 happens to be one of these imported firearms (from Turkey). To make it compliant with section 922(r), you must have no more than 10 foreign components from the list defined by the ATF. The 1919 has 14 components from that list; meaning that you must switch out (or remove) 4 components with U.S. manufactured parts.

    The great news is Salem 6 offers 4 of these parts that will make your Akdal MKA 1919 922(r) compliant!

    Salem 6 922(r) replacement parts

    *Handgrip & Operating Rod Assembly(A,B)
    Gas Piston(C)
    **Magazine Base Plate or Magazine Extension(D)

    Click here to purchase these products from our products page. Look for the red "922(r)" indicator.

    *If you purchase the handgrip from our online store it comes with the operating rod. Therefore, two parts of the four.

    **The magazine base plate is considered one of the four parts. The magazine extension offered from our products page also counts. Note: if you place an unmodified factory magazine back in your gun it may invalidate the 922(r) compliance.