• Full Build with Original Barrel

    If you buy this package you are buying all of the aftermarket parts from us and we are assebling it for you. See this list for all of the parts we add or replace:.

    MKA 1919XN
    Stock Trimmed
    Salem 6 Hand Guard Kit with Guide Rod
    Salem 6 Gas Piston
    Salem 6 Charging Handle
    Salem 6 Trigger
    Salem 6 Stock Adapter
    2 MOE L5 Polymer Rail Sections
    DPMS Buffer Tube
    LBE Castle Nut
    Magpul ACR Stock
    MBUS Front Sight
    MBUS Rear Sight
    Sight Mark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight
    Magpul MOE MVG (Vertical Grip)
    MFT Back Up Light
    Booster Bushings included for tuning.

    922(r) compliant. We will contact you regarding shipping details after receiving your order. Must ship to an FFL, allow one week for assembly.

    Full Build - PRICE - $1299.99 USD

  • Full Build with Muzzle Break

    All the same replaced parts as the other model plus barrel modification.

    Barrel Modification:
    Barrel Trimmed (This removes choke)
    Salem 6 Breaching Brake Pin Welded
    Cerakote Finish
    Finished length including brake, approximately 18.5”

    Requires additional time to process.
    Full Build with barrel mod - PRICE- $1499.99 USD